Seven years ago I was asked to serve as a Trustee for a small local school that specializes in grades 6-9. Since my son was attending the school and I wanted to get involved, I said “yes.” Little did I know that “yes” would yield cherished friendships and more fond memories than I can count. As we tackled challenges together, it also taught me the true meaning of service and living each day with gratitude.

Thank you, Santa Barbara Middle School, for offering me the opportunity to serve on the board and to be a part of an organization that cares for our children and our community with commitment and compassion. Words cannot express how moved I was when I read your poem. I am so honored to have served and supported our school. ??

Kelly, you are an inspiration to us all, beautiful, poised, and composed.

When it comes to a board member who is clear thinking and fair, you stand unopposed.

You are firm in your beliefs, because you are calmly thoughtful, always thinking outside the box. With your background in law, and calm cool demeanor, there’s no one who can out-fox!

You came to the board after being a mom to Evan, (such a light and a joy)

And thought he left here years ago and has become a man,

You’ve been with us since he was a boy.

You’ve seen our school, you’ve watched over us, you’ve guided strategically with resolve.

Under your leadership our Development Committee has been able to beautifully evolve.

The calmest in a crowd, grace under pressure, always keeping your eye on the prize.

Your combination of parent, and joiner of bike trips, gives you a perspective to optimize. Your Incredible intelligence, kindness and professional style that can clearly expound,

Shows your joy in loving life and your participation each day, makes you a joy to be around. Like a wise owl, looking down from her tree branch with sophistication

You survey with poise and grace.

A passionate, committed, “lean in” approach has made a difference to our space.

It’s hard to find the words to express the gratitude we have for you, you’ve done it all. Thank you Kelly, for your passion and focus And for stepping into our circle when you heard the call!