I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Noozhawk in their Meet Your Realtor series.

“My guiding principle is to provide my clients with exceptional real estate representation.”

I have worked full-time as a residential real estate broker since 2005. In the interview, I talk about many things, including how real estate is a relationship business.

Kelly Knight Santa Barbara RealtorThere are at least 4 people involved in any real estate negotiation: The Buyer, the Seller, and 2 agents. I draw on my mediation training to help uncover each parties’ motivation and also look for creative solutions to make a deal work for everyone involved.

My career began working as a practicing attorney at a large area firm, then as a licensed real estate broker. I am also a certified mediator. Because of the unique talents I bring to my work as a Santa Barbara realtor, I’ve developed a reputation among my colleagues as a “Closer”, an asset when I’m presenting offers for clients who are purchasing real estate and to counsel my clients accordingly when it’s time to walk away or hold their ground.

Click here to read the full interview. Thank you to Noozhawk and Village Properties.